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Tree Removal

At Darden's Tree and Landscaping, we are reluctant to remove a tree unless it's absolutely necessary.  In certain situations, removing the whole tree is the right thing to do:

  • If a tree is an imminent threat to people

  • If a tree might fall on nearby structures or vehicles

  • If a tree has been struck by lightning

  • If the trunk of a tree is leaning rather than staying vertical

  • If a tree is showing signs of severe disease

  • If there are abnormally large holes or cracks in a tree's trunk

  • If a tree is growing too close to a home, building, sidewalk, or driveway.

Our experienced arborists have seen every kind of tree problem.  We can diagnose your trees and tell you exactly what needs to be done to keep them healthy and happy.

Logs ready to be hauled away

Sometimes, a dangerous tree looks perfectly healthy to an untrained eye.  Then a windstorm brings it down and everyone can see the rot inside.

The tree in this picture fell onto a house, endangering people and property.  It is good practice to have your trees evaluated periodically by an experienced arborist so you can prevent this kind of damage.

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